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The articles below are general in nature and a good read for anyone inside or outside the transgender community.

  • Sex vs. Gender; A Primer - If you read nothing else on this site, DO read this, as it explains the evolution of the transgender person and some of the feelings we hold as commonalities.  A real eye opener.

  • What Causes Transgender? - A brief discussion of the causes for transgender.  A must read.

  • Talking to a Transperson - How to have a conversation that is non-threatening and still meaningful.

  • Grieving a Cis-Transgender Relationship - Uses the Kubler-Ross model of grief to understand and either move on from or save the relationship where someone has come out as transgender.

  • What Am I? Part 1 - This is a question asked every day by people in the trans community.  Am I a CD, TG or TS?

  • What Am I; TV, CD, TG or TS? Part 2 - Further discussion of self identification.

  • Myths about Crossdressing - There are plenty of misconceptions about transgender and you will find a few of them here.  For both the TG person and others.

  • Prejudices - An accumulation of publicly made comments reflecting ignorance, intolerance, prejudice and bigotry. (and some of my more sarcastic responses.)

  • The Christian Right and Transgender - The views of the Christian Right and rebuttals by the transgender community.

  • Definitions - A dictionary for all these terms surrounding the transgender community

  • Safety - Some very serious tips here.  A must read for anyone; genetic female or transwoman venturing outside their own 4 walls.

  • The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. -  The entire text of this important document is contained here.

  • November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance

  • Clothing Sizes and Fashion - A reference for clothing sizes, fits and fashion tips primarily focused on the M2F but also information for the F2M.  Some good advice for the cisgender Female at Birth (FAB) too.

  • Are You An Ally? - What does it mean to be an ally to the transgender community?

  • Supporting Your Transgender Employee - A discussion of your transitioning employee.

  • LGBT Healthcare: What's The Big Deal? - A discussion of the issues surrounding LGBT healthcare.


The links below will take you to another page that will list articles specific to each category.

  • Religion and LGBT - Articles devoted to this often contentious subject.  There are more than a few eye openers here.

  • Transgender Adult - Articles for the transgender adult, both M2F and F2M.  This is split into 2 sections, one for CD and the other for TS.

  • Transgender Children and Youth - Articles focused on support for the transgender youth and their families, teachers and friends.

  • Partners, Parents, Curious and Others - Articles for those struggling with acceptance of a transgender person in their life, or trying to figure out how to relate including dating.

  • Law and Medicine - Articles dealing with these very difficult issues.

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