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The Law of Transgender.

Transgender just exists,  It cannot be created nor can it be cured, however it can require conversion to another form.

Lifestyle choice? 

When did you choose to be Cisgender and/or Heterosexual?




We are active in support of the following London and Region LGBT Supportive Groups and Organizations.

Rainbow Health Ontario

HBT (Homophobic, Bi-phobic, Transphobic) Working Group


Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC)

RHAC (Regional HIV/AIDS Connection)

CAW Local 27

Alphabet Community Center (ACC)

PRIDE London

Trans Pulse Project

Spectrum Fanshawe

Positive Space Working Group of Fanshawe College

London Transgender Coffee Social Club

Sabbath Place



Wall of Shame and Heroes and Heroines.  Visit these pages to see who is helping and who is opposing human rights for all.  WE WANT YOU TO KNOW!




NEED HELP?  If you are within the local (Southwestern Ontario Region) we have resources that may be able to assist you with questions, concerns or just someone to chat with.  We have the capability to provide an advocate for medical, or mental health professions,  social or societal assistance or interventions with family, friends or employers and more.  We also have access to diversity trainers for your employer or your business. 

We can help you understand your loved one's transgenderism and provide needed support or resources to get the support you need.

Send an email to  Introduce yourself and tell us where you are located, the reasons for your request for help etc.  The more information you provide up front, the better we are able to match you with timely and appropriate support.  All inquiries are totally confidential.

NOTE:  Transgender London does NOT operate these services, but operates as a conduit, matching you with the appropriate people and/or services who can use their expertise, experience and training to assist you.


Talking with a Transperson - An article that will help with this often uncomfortable situation.

Grieving a Cis-Transgender Relationship - A new article that discusses the process and options for moving on from or working toward saving the relationship.

Clobbering Biblical Gay Bashing - Reprinted with the blessings and permission of its author.  Many Thanks Mark!


This website is dedicated to the Transgender person, Partners of Transgendered,  admirers and the curious everywhere, and particularly within the London, Ontario (Canada) region.

TG London is an information site not a social networking or commercial site.  There are plenty of those already.  There are also a lot of misinformation sites on the web about transgender, some of them social networking, some transgender dating etc., many personal sites all about a transperson's journey.  There are also sites from those who oppose transgender and most often they base their twisted logic in religion or political points of view.  This is not to say that all sites are bad, just some of them.  This site is factual and to the point.  Most of the information is contained on and linked to the Articles page.  This truly is the focal point of this site.  Every attempt to avoid error has been made, but if you find one, please point it out and send an email to   I will investigate and make the appropriate changes.

There are a number of articles divided into sections; one for the transgender person, one for the partners and significant others of transgendered persons and one for transgendered youth and their parent(s) or guardians.  There are also a few articles on this link page that should be read by everyone regardless of your specific interest in all this. 

You should start with Sex vs. Gender; A Primer.  It explains in simple terms what it feels like to be transgendered while putting a very succinct reality to it all.  There is no sugar coating.  Then it would be a good idea to read What Causes It?  This explains a bit of the history surrounding the mystery of transgender and leads the reader to a conclusion you may be surprised to see.

The Resources page has links to external sites about transgender and transitioning for the transsexual.

The Opinion page has a list of articles that are editorial in nature.  They are meant to be thought provoking as points of discussion.  There are also personal experience and maybe one or two you wouldn't expect.

I don't pull any punches where it is necessary to be abrupt.  Some of the content is very short; particularly where people (both cisgendered and transgendered) make common mistakes, assumptions, and frequently act inappropriately.  Conversely, it is also empathetic to everyone.

Transgender is not something that is easy to deal with by either the one who is transgendered or those close to them.  People get hurt by it; again, on both sides.  Often this is the result of incomplete or inaccurate information combined with poor communication.

Politics and Religion seem to shroud transgender and is critically examined here, but, NO political or religious position is ever taken.  A human rights position is promoted but political and religious views are not.  Where the transgender community is attacked from these perspectives, a strong stance WILL be taken in the light of human rights.

Hopefully this site will provide some connection that there are others out there, others who are not so visible.  The information here is provided with the intent to educate and inform at many levels; from that of the transgendered person, to their significant others to the healthcare professional.  There is something here for everyone.  Perhaps by providing this information, some of the fear of transgender can be set aside so that those affected can be truly seen for who they are; people, ordinary people. is not a business and receives no external funding.  All costs of operation are incurred solely by the website owner.  Any links to outside businesses are created as a service to the website users and in no way represent any form of approval by Transgender London or its principals.


THIS SITE DOES NOT USE COOKIES!  However, for privacy reasons, you may still want to clear your browser history after leaving the site.

If you want to contribute your views or writing, please feel free.  If you want to comment positively, again, please do so.  If you have a personal story you want to share please send it along.  It will be kept in confidence at your request or alternatively, could be published with your permission on the site.

The Obligatory Copyright Notice

If you wish to link to this site please send a request with a link to your site.  Any and all content contained here is copyright protected under Canadian and International law by the respective copyright holders.  If you wish to reproduce any materials in whole or in part please send a request and include your reasons for the request as well as a sample of how the material will be used.  No reasonable request will be refused.  Materials provided by other contributors are copyright of those persons or organizations and permission to use their materials must be requested from the copyright holder.


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